Planters 90's Sampler

In January 2020, I won an auction for a Planters sampler from the mid-to-late 90s. I normally don't collect Planters merchandise, however, the sealed bags of PB Crisps and Chocolate Crisps caught my eye.

Here are some high resolution photos of the sampler itself. I had to open the plastic seal in order to get decent photos of the individual bags. The bags themselves will remain sealed, except for the "HEAT MILD" peanuts, which slowly opened over time. Feel free to use these photos for anything you would like, I'm donating them to the public domain and have not watermarked any of them.

Sampler Box

The sampler itself contained 9 bags of snacks and a Mr. Peanut figurine.

PB Crisps

7.25 ounces of heaven presented in pure 12 megapixel glory. There's a movement dedicated toward bringing these back.

This particular bag is in pristine condition.

Chocolate Crisps

The bag actually smells like cocoa. The outer lamination is starting to peel slightly on the "R" and near Mr. Peanut's eye. That's nothing a little photoshop can't fix!

This snack is too mighty for nutrition facts.

Peanut Butter Chocolates

Uhhh, do we need to start petitioning for these too?

Notice the attention to detail on the individual wrappers.

Caribbean Crunch

Similar design cues to the PB Crisps bag. Lightly sweetened with honey.

Sweet'n Crunchy Peanuts


HEAT HOT Spicy Peanuts

Cowboy Mr. Peanut adds heat by crackin' the whip on these spicy nuts.

HEAT MILD Spicy Peanuts

"Mild spicy" peanuts? Well... which one is it?

This bag did not withstand the test of time. The upper right side of the bag peeled itself open. There was a hint of its seasoning in the sampler box.

HEAT Snack Mix

The artwork on the bag provides very little indication as to the actual contents.

I would guess wood chips.

Sunflower Seeds

Some sunflower seeds.